Composing became an integral part of my musicianship, especially while doing my doctorate. I’m constantly composing and arranging material for performance and for my pupils. Most of the performance pieces so far are wrapped around fiddle-singing, but the performers of my compositions are becoming more diverse all the time.

My best-known composition is Puhun puille (I talk to the Trees), 1999, which was originally created as a fiddle-singing solo. Since then, it has been presented by e.g. female choir Philomela. I have also arranged my work called Krazem for the Tapiola Young Symphony Orchestra and Ievan polkka for a large folk music youth orchestra and also for Tapiola Young Symphony Orchestra.

My commissioned compositions are e.g. ELEAN (2018) and Ten male choir songs (2019-20) to Karelian poems for the Karelian Male Choir. The largest pieces I have composed are the three-part work Meidän Suomi (Our Finland) 2017, the five-part chamber music work On the Way and There and the school musical ARVOKAMAA (Valuable Thing) 2023.

It was nice to hear your music! All impressive and inspiring!

Matti Hyökki, professor emeritus of choral conducting
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