Puhun puille (I Talk to the Trees), 2004

The compositions of my first solo album are mostly based on old Finnish dance music, but there are also influences from other types of music. I have performed these pieces as a duo e.g. with Eero Grundström and Timo Alakotila. I have performed the title track numerous times solo and with other musicians, such as Loituma and the female choir Philomela.

“There’s an appealing, very Finnish, quiet, calm, light touch to these stately tunes…” 
Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots

Krazem (Krazem), 2013

For the doctoral concert presented in 2009, I put together a band where everyone sings and plays strings at the same time. The music sounds partly like a string orchestra, partly like a chamber choir and partly like a combination of the two. Genres are mixed freely and sovereignly, and several solos color the unique whole.

“Finnish Hanni Autere obviously wants a lot of different things, but thanks to excellent compositions and great playing and singing skills of both herself and her fellow musicians, she succeeds in carrying it all out in a very nice way.”
Rasmus Klockljung, Lira Musikmagasin

On the Way and There, 2019

The first piece of my third album, On the Way and There, is a five-part mental travelogue that embodies the author’s melodic and verbal reflections on life. It is composed for a soprano, four singing string players and a percussionist. The work is inspired by many types of music and the sovereign skills of the musicians involved.

The second track on the album is called ELEAN. It is a three-part chamber music piece for five singing string players, flute and a Japanese instrument called koto. The texts are haiku and tanka poems translated into Finnish.

Great sounding and smoothly progressing music!”
Violinist Kreeta-Maria Kentala

Other releases

In addition to my solo albums, I appear on several others and also compilation albums, e.g. Loituma and Kuutamolla kahden (Loituma 1995 and 1998), Tarkka pää, Tania mieli (Ilona Korhonen Ensemble 2009), Kruunulapset (a musical composed by Mia Makaroff, 2012) and Sounds from Solitude – Concerto for Kantele (Gillian Stevens 2015).



On my YouTube channel you can find videos of my compositions and other songs, e.g. Uni (Dream), Tonttu ja lapsi (The Elf and a Child), Ievan polkka and Joulu on taas (It’s Christmas Again). The English and Spanish videos have information on e.g. my musical history and the Loituma band. Welcome to follow!

other publications

The Fiddle-singer is a 104-page written work related to my doctoral degree, in which I open up about the backgrounds and compositional processes of the five doctoral concerts.

… the report is prepared from the perspective of a musician, pedagogue and researcher, written clearly and of high quality, well structured and reflected on fiddle-singing and the musician’s growth in such a rare specialty.”
The inspectors of the written work Tuuli Talvitie ja Jarkko Niemi

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