Music is the love of my life. Music is above all about feelings and sharing, humanity. I’m very happy every time when I manage to touch the listener’s soul.

My special expertise focuses on a very expressive form of music making, where my two favorite instruments, the violin and vocals, are combined into an organic whole. I call this inspiring instrument fiddle-singing, and I have done pioneering work on the subject in Finland. I have a humble attitude towards my own skills, and I openly admire people who are more skilled than me. You can always find them.

My main instrument is the violin, but I play many other instruments as well. It’s just as natural for me to perform St. Matthew passion as folk music or pop, and I like to work in the sphere of influence of other art fields, experimenting and throwing myself in.


I enjoy performing, but there’s so much more to working as a musician. The experience gained from organizing concerts and recordings has developed into the ability and desire to also work in the role of a producer. Productizing one’s own expertise and communicating about it are more and more clearly part of the tasks related to the musician’s work. I do all of those constantly, in different ways, and still learning.

As a producer, I strive to work comprehensively and carefully. I use everything I have learned as a performer, studio musician, pedagogue, composer and researcher. One of my most important strengths is good communication skills.

Wonderfully produced, you made an awesome job!”

Musician and composer Iiro Rantala

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