my biggest projects

Doctoral studies 2003-2011: The degree included five composition concerts and a written work. The picture is from the last concert in which eight singing string players performed at the Sibelius Academy in 2009.

Recording projects: I have organized the recording sessions for my solo albums, often including making food for the musicians. I have also recorded some of the music and done the editing and part of the mixing. The picture shows the musicians of the Puhun puille album in 2004.

For the jubileum concert for Finland’s 100 years of independency, I composed a three-part work called Meidän Suomi (Our Finland). I also worked in the project as a performer, conductor and executive producer.

The musical ARVOKAMAA (Valuable Thing) in 2023: I acted as the initiator of this project, as well as executive producer, composer, lyricist, screenwriter, conductor and in numerous other roles.

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