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Puhun puille / I Talk to the Trees

I Talk to the Trees is my first solo cd and it was released in 2004. The compositions base on traditional Finnish music and there are also influence from many other musical styles. The musicians on the cd are Maija Karhinen-Ilo (accordeon and voice), Matti Laitinen (guitar and voice), Eero Grundström (piano and harmonium) and Sara Puljula (double bass and percussion).

"There’s an appealing, very Finnish, quiet, calm, light touch to these stately tunes..." Andrew Cronshaw

Puhun puille - Hanni Autere
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Krazem osa 2 - Hanni Autere
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In 2009 my fifth doctoral concert took place and for that occasion I formed a group of musicians who are able to sing and play their string instrument simultaneously. The music sounds partly like a string orchestra, partly like a chamber choir and partly a combination of those two. Musical styles are being mixed with joy and sovereignty. The musicians are Kukka Lehto, Sara Puljula, Lassi Logrén, Anna E. Karvonen, Tuukka Haapaniemi, Sampo Haapaniemi, Selina Sillanpää, Minni Ilmonen and Tuomas Logrén (featuring in guitar).

"Krazem is a magical, colourful combination of Finnish and yet universal music: dawn, speckles of light, stretching time, sparks, embers, angels, slits, resin dust, archery, fiddle-singing, song-fiddles..." 

                            Guitarist and composer Jarmo Saari

The written work which was part of my Doctor's Degree is a 100-page report of the whole of the degree project. It contains a description of the doctoral process that focused on fiddle-singing. It also contains the biografic part as well as notations of the music performed in the doctoral concerts. It is written in Finnish.

"... The report is composed with a stance of a musician, pedagog and researcher, written with quality and clarity, a well analyzed and reflected account about fiddle-singing and the growth of a musician among a rare speciality."  Reviewers of the written work, PhD Tuuli Talvitie and professor Jarkko Niemi

Viululaulaja-cd / The Fiddle-singer; cd

This cd is a non-commercial product, which was released as an attachment of my doctoral written work. It contains examples from all of the five doctoral concerts. In four tracks I'm performing solo, and in the last track you can hear the eight membered fiddle-singing ensemble.

On the Way and There/ELEAN - Hanni Autere
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On the Way and There  NEW!

On the Way and There is an album including two works with several parts. On the Way and There is a chamber musical travelogue of the mind. It is composed for a soprano, four singing string players and a percussionist. The texts base on my thoughts about life and the composition has been influenced by many musical genres, and the special abilities of the musicians involved. The performers are Aurora Ikävalko, Lea Pekkala, Tero Pajunen, Arto Anttila, Abdissa Assefa and myself. 

ELEAN is composed for five singing string players, flutist and a koto player. The Finnish texts are Japanese haiku and tanka poems. The music is inspired by the texts and based on so called fiddle-singing. In ELEAN you will hear Aurora Ikävalko, Tuukka Haapaniemi, Erja Unkari, Heikki Kulo, Kirsi Jokela and Emilia Lepola and myself. 

The album was released in March 1 2019. You can order it from, and

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