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My professional roles

I work in many different roles and they are presented here very briefly. I very much enjoy the process of each and every role and have many ideas concerning every one of them. In the future I wish to carry out various tasks and missions within the arts.

Musician, composer and producer

As a musician I like to throw myself into new situations and combine different art forms. As result my own skills expand as these new expIorations and endavours are accomplished. I most prefer to perform fiddle-singing, but I’m crazy enough to grab almost any other instrument available. I bow deep when I hear a good musician and I’m grately taken when my music makes somebody feel emotional.

Currently I play mostly my own music, either solo or with ensembles. The combined violin playing and vocal expression, a.k.a. fiddle-singing, is my artistic speciality. If you want to read more about fiddle-singing, you can find it here. I frequently compose and arrange music for my pupils. My latest, larger work is called On the Way and There, a 50-minute piece for a soprano, four singing string players and a percussionist. I'm currently working on recording of this piece.

The experience of arranging concerts and recordings has formed into the ability and willingness to also work in production roles. I like to write about my music and I want to know what is being said, for example, in playbills and media infos about my music. I’m also working on forming a more eloquent picture of my art and other skills, as the competition in my professional field is getting more competitive.

Pedagog and a mentor

As a pedagog I am a supportive educator. I enjoy taking the responsibility of the development of my pupils. I utilize my knowledge of multiple genres and instruments. I love to teach Irish songs and fiddle-singing, but I mostly teach violin and piano at the moment. I know I'm a liked teacher, but I know I could do it even better. Which is why I keep educating myself in the field of pedagogy.

One of my favourite performing occasions is a lecture concert. I enjoy performing fiddle-singing music and speaking about my combination of instruments and the way it makes me express myself through improvisation and composition. I also have the urge to share my knowledge about music and life. This made me dive into mentoring music students, which is now a subject close to my heart. 

Artist with a researhcer's attitude

Fiddle-singing lead me to the world of artistic research. My curious personality has a call for analytical thinking and a search for new knowledge. I also enjoy being connected to the community of artists with the same attitude. Research is not my main professional field at the moment, but I take part in seminars and conferences concerning artistic research and I carefully follow the discussion of the topics concerning it.


The subject of my Doctoral studies was to develop music for fiddle-singing. The next thing I would like to study is the influence on the brain when I work at the same time on two instruments which have gliding intonations. Namely, that is the thing which is the most challenging in fiddle-singing. I'm also interested in the therapeutic and social influences of music and musicality.

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